Southern Oregon Mind-body Outreach Project,
A Program of Healing Blues, Inc.
Bringing wellness therapies to the underserved

Fiscally sponsored by Yoga Blue, Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring wellness in the form of mind-body therapies to the under-served in the community of Southern Oregon.  This idea was born out of a strong desire and passion from several individuals working on their own to serve this population.  After several years of working in the community on a variety of projects, our vision has come into reality in the creation of Southern Oregon Mind-body Outreach Project. 

Our programs are designed to collaborate with existing mental health programs in the community.  Through a collaborative effort we aspire to build on the foundations of programs serving addictions, trauma, domestic abuse, active duty military and veterans, and at-risk youth. 

We are presenting additional coping skills in the form of mind-body therapies to increase self-esteem, stress management, and life skills.  These therapies have been shown to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress, addiction, anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, and nervous conditions.  Mind-body therapies are tools that can be used within programs and taken home once they are learned, to create lifelong transformation.

Our Team

Laura Winslow, BS, RYT, Project Director

Laura is the co-founder of Integrative Recovery Therapy, a mind-body program for addiction recovery.  Laura has  been  a  devoted  Yoga practitioner  since  early  2000.  She  has  studied  numerous movement  disciplines  since  the early eighties, including Qi Gong and  Modern  dance,  as  well  as many  other  forms  of  dance.  Teachings  combine  posture,  breath,  guided imagery,  meditation  and  deep  relaxation, which work to nurture the body, mind,  and  spirit.    It  is her heartfelt desire to share the gifts of awakening that she has  received herself  through  the practice of Yoga.  Laura specializes in working in addiction recovery, chronic pain and with teens.

Carlos A. Bracuto

Carlos follows the lineage of the late Chinese Master Liu Pain Lin.  Following his interest in both Taoist philosophy and martial arts, he started his Yang style tai chi and chi kung (qigong) instruction in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born.  His professional work is aimed at teaching therapeutic chi kung to low income adults and at-risk youth through special community programs and workshops.

Richard Knights

Richard is a 20 year practitioner of Martial Arts and Yoga.  He likes to offer techniques and approaches that offer tangible progress in physical and mental development and brings the discipline and respect of martial arts into his classes.  Richard is a Black Belt in
Shou Tsu Do Kung Fu, which teaches a strong element of respect and discipline both during classes and outside of the school.

Richard is a 200 hour RYT-certified yoga instructor with over 15 years of fitness experience and has travelled throughout Oregon and California to train with some of the best yoga teachers.  He is dedicated to helping the teens find relevant ways to connect with mind-body practices.

Celina Reppond

Celina has been teaching yoga since 2005.  She is a Kundalini and Naam Yoga teacher, certified through KRI and NYTT.  Her yoga classes focus on gaining tools to become aware of imbalances in our mental, physical and energetic bodies so that we may shift them and come more into equilibrium.  In recent years she has fused her expertise in yoga with programs for disadvantaged youth and those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  It is Celina's heartfelt desire to reach out to the community with the gift of yoga in whatever capacity is called for.

Stacy Haddorff

Stacy has taught yoga in the teen girls program at Lithia Springs since 2004.  Her teaching draws from a background in dance, Anusara and Vinyasa yoga.  She most enjoys sharing curriculum that focuses on using the 8-fold path as a complement to one's belief system, creative process and physical exercise.  Stacy has an innate sense of how to connect with a wide variety of people from all backgrounds.  She is thrilled to be part of SOMOP where her training helps students navigate the teen years to relieve stress, build self-esteem and feel hopeful about the future.  Her aim is for each teen to transcend the label of being "at-risk" and truly thrive in their lives.


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